A gloved biohazard specialist handles a red biohazard bag.Life is unpredictable and sometimes injury, crime, and even death become unwelcome parts of our lives. These can be traumatic experiences and the last thing individuals should worry about is clean up. At Utah Disaster, our technicians are trained in decontamination and cleaning of biohazards safely and efficiently and can help remove the stress and worry that comes with these kinds of experiences. If you are currently experiencing any of these problems, please contact us and let us help remove some of the stress.

Our areas of expertise include:

Trauma and Blood
Human blood is often a vector of disease. Because of this, blood, especially after a traumatic event or injury, must be cleaned effectively in order to prevent spreading disease. This kind of cleaning requires proper training, equipment, and procedures. At Utah Disaster, our technicians are well trained in the industry standards and are fully prepared to clean the affected area so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Crime Scenes
Crime scenes often involve presence of dangerous, volatile, or infective materials. Blood, drugs, and other chemicals each present different challenges and each situation must be handled on an individual basis. Only professionals with background in this type of cleaning should be involved. Utah Disaster ensures that our employees are not only educated in OSHA standards and procedures, but that they are discreet and professional. No matter the situation or the contaminants, Utah Disaster is prepared to help. .

Unattended Death Scenes
Sometimes death occurs alone and the deceased may not be discovered for a longer period of time. That delay can result in serious biohazards that need to be handled professionally. This can be an extremely difficult time for the family and friends of the individual and we understand this. The last thing individuals in these types of situations should have to worry about is the necessary cleaning of the area. Our technicians are prepared to clean and sanitize the area with compassion and respect while maintaining the highest standards of the industry.

Sewage Contamination
Sewage and human waste can be extremely dangerous. Sometimes it is clear that water is contaminated and is easy to determine as contaminated. However, even if the backed up water does not appear to be visibly soiled, it remains a health hazard. Any time water has passed through the sewer line it can introduce strains of bacteria and viruses that can lead to serious illness and even death. It is important to sanitize the area and prevent any contact with the contamination. The kind of sanitization necessary should only be attempted by professionals with the proper materials to effectively clean the area. Utah Disaster is prepared for these kinds of situations and can provide the needed expertise to ensure that your home or place of business is safe and odor free.