Water Cleanup and Restoration

water damage fin a home

Sample of water damage in a home

Utah water damage cleanup and restoration can be a complex process after sustaining any level of water damage. Water can be the single and most destructive substance in your home. Flooding, as well as moisture, can cause property structures to rapidly deteriorate. The flooding problem becomes more serious when cleanup services are delayed. Our company will respond quickly to any damage you have to reduce any harmful effects of water damage.  Even if your property damage may look very severe, don’t worry, Our team of experts can restore it back to like new condition in no time.

We are faster to Any Size Disaster
Utah Disaster Restoration Service’s team members are dedicated to responding immediately to any size of the disaster. Our immediate response team will help minimize the damage as well as address any mold that might result from water. We are also available 24×7. No job is to small and no job to big. Our company provides water damage cleanup and restoration services to the Wasatch front area. Call us for a free no obligation estimates.

Our Water Cleanup and Restoration Technicians are highly trained
UTDRS.com team members are experts in water cleanup and restoration, this is cornerstone of our business. Our technicians have extensive training with an emphasis on documenting and monitoring the drying process until completion. We provide our technician’s initials training and ongoing training in all aspects of disaster restoration.

We use Advanced Water Restoration Techniques and Equipment
We offer the latest and most advanced equipment to help detect hidden moisture to extract the standing water very quickly from your property. Plus, after detecting and restoring any water damage our technicians will finish the job by using a sanitizing agents and professional deodorization for your safety and comfort.

Water Cleanup and Restoration Process
Every water damages require a unique solution because each one is the little bit different. But on the other hand, water cleanup and restorations’ general process remain the same. So here I am going share with you a highlight of our complete process through which our company restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Step 1> UTDRS.com services begins with a single phone call by you. We provide our clients immediate actions because it is so crucial in case of water damage to respond right-a-way.
Step 2> The process begins with a complete inspection of your property which also includes damage assessments. Our team members, first of all, define the scope of the damage so that our client is able to develop an appropriate plan of action.
Step 3> After the inspection, the next step is water extraction. This step will remove the majority of the standing water from your property. Utah Disaster Restoration Service  performs a thorough water extraction which it will help to reduce the drying time as well as secondary water damage.
Step 4> At first glance your walls and floor may look dry after the water removal step but your walls and floors could still be wet. Our technicians will assess the situation and if possible save materials that can be saved. In many cases with drywall it may have to be replaced. In this case our experts carpenters will come in to rebuild anything that needs to be rebuild.
Step 5> The last phase is a deep cleaning of all surfaces. Including floors, walls, furniture, clothing, and upholstery damaged by the water.